Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nitrous Oxide - the Best Muscle building Supplement for You

Have your trainer advised you to take any NO supplement? Wanna learn all about how it can help through your workouts and what kind of outcome you can expect after using it? Then this article has something for you.

What is this Nitric or Nitrous Oxide Anyway?

Don’t be confused with Nitric oxide or nitrogen dioxide. Nitric oxide (NO) is one of the most important cellular signaling molecules in our body which involves in many physiological as well as in the pathological processes. A supplement that contains nitric oxide helps body builders to gain immense muscle power and strength.

How it can help in body building processes?

Body building supplements containing Nitric oxide that helps to deliver more and blood to our muscles with increasing pumps which gives you an extra edge during your workouts and beyond. It also helps in speedy recovery of muscle tissue. Researchers keep NO in the all new category of muscle-building component known as ‘Hemidiators’. It also affects our endocrine system and also helps in the release of adrenaline from the adrenal medulla. It enhances athletes’ performances by providing that extra amount of oxygen to the muscle tissue.

Are there any other health benefits of Nitric oxide apart from bodybuilding?

It acts as a key vertebrate biological messenger which plays a vital role in several of biological processes. It works as a cell signaling molecule that relaxes our muscle tissue. There are many reasonable evidences which suggest that Nitric oxide protects organs such as liver in our body from ischemic damages.

The vasodilatation effect that it has protects blood vessels from dangerous constriction. It may also help your body to control platelet function, can reduce artery plaque and even helps to lower cholesterol. It also increases your energy level as well.

In what amount one should consume it?

Take 3 pills of any Nitric oxide supplement just before breakfast and 1 more pill three and half an hour before lunch. You will feel that extra perpetual pump in your body straightaway. Instructions are also mentions on the label of any NO supplements that are available in the market.

Are there any Side Effects of it?
It depends on individual tolerance level. Talking too many dosages won’t provide you a better result. You can feel tired and week after taking overdose of it. So, try the over described dosage for a week, assess the effects and then readjust according of your body’s tolerance level.

What Nitric oxide supplements contain?

NO supplements are available in the market in the both form pill and powder. However the pure nitric oxide is usually found in pills. These supplements contain Nitric oxide Supplement as well as vitamins, creatine and stimulates.

Hope, this article helped you to understand the every aspects of Nitric oxide and its’ health benefits.


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